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The foundation of Biscuit Reality dates back in history to two workmates both with a solid background in food manufacture. After sharing the same office for almost a decade at a legendary confectionery manufacturer, they suddenly realised they had something curious in common. Not only did they walk around the same bit of carpet every day, they also seemed to share a secret obsession for biscuit production. Satisfying their passion and hunger for biscuits soon made them one of the most talked-about workers at the company, which they put down to hard work, others to stealing biscuits from the company warehouse. After being made redundant - a direct result to a scandalous incident involving excessive consumption of alcohol, drugs, and biscuits - they took yet another step towards the creation of Biscuit Reality. Getting left by their wives enabled them to contemplate the idea of sharing a flat, which completed the ingredient-list to launching their own biscuit manufacturing business from their flatshare. Unfortunately though, due to financial issues and the fact that they had no technical equipment other than a personal computer, they decided to get into music-making instead. To their own amazement, they soon found their tunes picked up by labels like Mothership, Resopal Schallware, Chi Recordings, ... check back here for new pieces of biscuits!

* Biscuit Reality is a megahypersuperSecret project from AMB and Fine Cut Bodies

Live @ Balaton Sound, 2010


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