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imPro School

For 5 years now I'm a resident lecturer in imPro (Budapest School Of Music Technology), teaching 'bits&bytes' of digital technology, sampling and basic sound design paradigms for the next producer generation...

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VJCentrum Talk

Sounds beyond music

I had this talk on the "Behind the VJ scenes" meetUp series organised by VJCentrum and imPro School (also it was the Hungarian launch event for Ableton Live v9), and I was speaking about technological basics of sound design in film, games and music...
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Netidők RadioShow

In 2012, I was a resident music technology presenter in the Hungarian National Music Radio's "Netidők" radioShow. Every week I've brought in some interesting actualities and we were speaking about the musical aspects of those news (including field recordings, spectral synthesis, acid&TB303, dub, sampling, generative music, Shepard tone, 3D sound, Radiophonic Workshop, John Cage, etc.).
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Researchers Night talk

Researchers' Night

In 2013, I was organizing a day full of workshops and talks for the Hungarian Researchers' Night on the A38 boat. A lot of really interesting audio-technology speeches and workshops took place at our venue, and also I gave a talk about "Musical algorithms and the role of AI in contemporary electronic music". Researchers Night page

Majdnem Híres Rocksuli

In the last few years I'm a guest lecturer in "Majdnem Híres Rocksuli" (Almost Famous Rock School), where I'm talking about music business and technology from the perspective of Electronic Music (independent music labels, aggregators, DJs, liveActs, etc.), for students who learn band management.

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LPM Showcase talk

LPM Budapest 2013

At the Live Performers Meeting I've talked about and demonstrated some interactive realtime visuals that we incorporated into our 'La Petite Mort' A/V liveAct. Including OSC driven vertex displacement shaders, physics blended by music and MIDI driven camera movements...

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In 2013, I was invited to speak about electronic music and sound design at the ARTISJUS HQ (it's the Hungarian version of ASCAP, MCPS/PRS, GEMA, etc.) for the employees, to help them understand the changes in contemporary technology based music production and business models.

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